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What are the differences between USDA and VA 100% financing loans? While USDA and VA home  loans can be fantastic financing options that provide high mortgage qualifying flexibility, they also have unique features and eligibility... Read More

How do you find current USDA eligible areas? As many of us know, a key part of the USDA eligibility process is being able to find a home that is located in a USDA eligible area.  In today’s video, I will walk you through... Read More

What are FIVE goals you need to have when qualifying for a USDA loan? As we can all agree, planning and preparation play an important part when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage and in today’s video I will discuss... Read More

What repairs can be financed with a USDA loan? Thankfully, I have great news to report! USDA guidelines were recently updated and now allow a wider range of possible repairs and in today’s video I will explain both how... Read More

How does a homebuyer calculate Florida “transfer taxes” and “intangible tax”? When buying a home it is critical to understand what out-of-pocket costs may be due at closing and because the State of Florida can assess... Read More

Are you restricted on acreage with a USDA loan? Acreage questions and USDA loans seem to go hand in hand, and because this is a common question that we receive  I want to explain the details and help separate fact from fiction. Also,... Read More

What are THREE key differences between USDA and FHA loans? As you can imagine, this is an extremely common question that I receive and in today’s video I will compare USDA and FHA loans side by side in order to show you... Read More

Can Florida SHIP Funds be combined with a USDA loan? Wow, this is a great question and thankfully today’s video will show you how the Florida SHIP funds program can be combined with a USDA loan to help maximize affordability... Read More

What happens to your sales contract deposit with a USDA loan? Now remember, just because USDA loans offer “No Down Payment Financing”, that is not the same as “No Money Out-of-Pocket”! Even though 100% Financing... Read More

Who is eligible for the Florida Homestead Exemption? It is important to understand how the Florida Homestead Exemption works, who can apply, and what benefits are available for those that are eligible. While many may have... Read More

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