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Can you build a new home with No Down Payment under the USDA program? Well the good news is YES and we are proud to announce that Metroplex Mortgage Services is one of the first Florida USDA Approved Lenders to offer the... Read More

Did you know that not all lenders are approved by USDA? Many Realtors and homebuyers think that just because a lender, bank, broker, or credit union offers the USDA program, that they are the approving lender as well. However,... Read More

While nobody wants a collection on their credit report, sometimes circumstances can lead to collection activity that may be outside of a person’s control. If a collection accounts are on your credit, is it still possible... Read More

What properties are ineligible for a USDA Loan? Wow, this is a great question and one of the most common we receive and in today’s video I will explain what property types are not eligible for a USDA loan and help focus... Read More

How do you qualify for a USDA loan with pastor, clergy, or ministry income? Can housing or parsonage income be considered for USDA loan qualifying? These are both great questions which seem to generate much confusion, and... Read More

With the school season upon us once again, we have teachers who are entering their first year on the job and those who are changing to new school districts, and although they may have signed contracts, can a teacher purchase... Read More

How can you qualify for a USDA loan with credit scores under 640? Welcome back everyone, Sean Stephens here again with Metroplex Mortgage Services and another USDA Loan Pro Video Quick Tip. Does your credit score have to... Read More

How high are the 2018 USDA income limits? While many know that it is possible to make too much money for a USDA loan, what they don’t realize is just how high USDA income limits actually are. USDA just announced an increase... Read More

Memorial Day is often confused with Veterans Day or Patriot Day. Veterans Day honors everyone who served honorably in the military, Patriot Day honors civilians who died September 11, 2001, and Memorial Day honor veterans... Read More

What are the unintended mortgage consequences of disputing an account on your credit report? While this may seem like an innocent issue at first, the end result can be harmful and in today’s video I will explain how... Read More

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