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Three ways to improve USDA Debt to Income Ratios!

What are three ways to improve USDA Debt to Income Ratios and also increase your sales price? Unfortunately, many of today’s lenders do not fully understand the USDA program or how to maximize its benefits, which can... Read More

USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed vs Direct – What’s the difference?

USDA Rural Development offers single family housing loans under two similar, but at the same time very different programs. While this can lead to confusion among homebuyers and Realtors,  today’s video will break down... Read More

Can you qualify for a USDA mortgage with an IRS tax lien or repayment plan?

I know that many of you are thinking that an IRS tax lien will automatically put a stop to the USDA loan process. However, USDA guidelines offer qualifying flexibility in cases of delinquent Federal tax debt. In today’s... Read More

How many different ways can you get USDA loan approval?

In today’s video, I will explain how the USDA program can maximize your home loan qualification and also break down the different ways you can obtain a USDA Loan Approval. However, before we get started, don’t... Read More

USDA Rent to Own: Here is How to Buy the House you Rent with a USDA Loan

Can you buy the home you are renting with a USDA loan? As more renters transition into homeownership, USDA rent to own opportunities are increasing for those homebuyers who want to purchase the home they are renting. This topic... Read More

How do you qualify for a USDA mortgage when self-employed?

Qualifying for a USDA mortgage when you are self-employed can be both confusing and frustrating. However, in today’s video, I will review a three-step qualifying approach which can help to both relieve anxiety and further... Read More

UPDATE: Improved USDA Guidelines on Student Loans!

USDA Student Loan Guidelines Have Improved! As we all know, student loan debt can have a major impact on mortgage qualifying! In today’s topic, I’ll explain how improved USDA guidelines on student loans have led to... Read More

Just Announced: USDA loan income limits have increased!

As of May 4th, 2020 USDA loan income limits have increased. I bet you will be surprised at just how high they are! As you will see in today’s video, the USDA loan income limit increase can help homebuyers trying to qualify... Read More

UPDATE: Improved USDA Income Eligibility for Part-Time and Second Jobs

USDA income eligibility guidelines have recently been updated and now allow for more flexibility with earnings received from part-time and secondary types of employment. This means enhanced USDA income eligibility and qualifying... Read More

Temporary Exceptions for USDA Appraisals, Inspections and Employment Verification

On March 27, 2020, the USDA published guidance on how to handle certain exceptions to USDA appraisals, inspections and employment verification prior to closing. While today’s video is longer than usual, we have received... Read More

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