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USDA and VA loans are No Down Payment mortgage options with BIG differences!

As a USDA and VA approved lender, one of the most common questions I receive is, “What are the differences between USDA and VA loan?”. Both USDA and VA loans are great no down payment mortgage options. However, it’s... Read More

How do you Calculate Florida Intangible Tax and Transfer Tax When Purchasing a Home

When purchasing a home, you never want to be surprised with out-of-pocket expenses.  Remember, even when purchasing with a USDA No Down Payment Loan, you still have to be prepared for other costs to complete the transaction... Read More

How do you Qualify for a Mortgage after Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

After filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many feel homeownership is a dream that is out of their reach. However, in today’s video, I’ll explain how you CAN qualify for a mortgage after Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In... Read More

In 2020, How Do You Search for Current USDA Loan Eligible Properties?

Is the home you want in 2020 a USDA Loan eligible property? As many of us know, a key part of the USDA eligibility process is being able to find a home that is located in a USDA eligible area.  Today, I’ll walk you... Read More

Can you still qualify for a USDA loan with a Disputed Account on Your Credit Report?

As per USDA Guidelines under the 3555 Handbook, “Disputed accounts on an applicant’s credit report are not considered in the credit score.” Meaning, the mere presence of a disputed account does NOT automatically... Read More

Is an Earnest Money Deposit Required With a USDA No Down Payment Loan?

Typically, when purchasing a home, a buyer will have two types of out-of-pocket expenses: down payment and settlement charges. With a USDA no down payment loan, the burden of a down payment is eliminated. However, remember... Read More

Well and Septic Required Distances for USDA and FHA Loans

What are the required distances for well and septic on USDA and FHA loans? Understanding USDA and FHA loan distance requirements between a well and septic are critical when determining eligibility and because it can be common... Read More

How Can You Combine Florida SHIP Funds with a USDA loan?

The goal of Florida SHIP funds is to provide affordable homeownership for first-time homebuyers. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including being combined with a USDA loan. In turn, SHIP funds can help maximize... Read More

These are the 2020 maximum loan amounts for USDA, VA, FHA and Conventional Loans

The maximum loan amounts have increased in 2020! This week’s blog highlights the updated maximum loan amounts for USDA, VA, FHA, and Conventional loans. Maximum Loan Amounts: USDA Single Family Guaranteed Rural Home... Read More

After a Short Sale, how long does it take to qualify for a mortgage?

How soon can you qualify for a mortgage after a Short Sale? It is possible to qualify to purchase a home after a short sale, but waiting periods will apply and vary between USDA, FHA, VA, and Conventional loans. Depending... Read More

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