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What Are Current USDA Student Loan Guidelines? As we all know, student loan debt can have a major impact on mortgage qualifying. In today’s topic, I will explain how you qualify for a USDA loan with student loans and discuss... Read More

Have you been told that USDA loans are “out of money”? Will your closing being delayed because the USDA is “out of money”? Each year around this time we receive calls asking if the USDA Loan program... Read More

How does a flood zone impact USDA loan eligibility? For those who have dealt with this situation in the past, updated USDA guidelines have implemented a key change that will make a significant impact when moving forward on... Read More

Is there an acreage limit with a USDA Rural Home loan? When working rural areas, it is common to ask how many acres can you buy with a USDA loan? Thankfully due to updated guidelines, it is now a more simplified process... Read More

With the school season upon us once again, we have some teachers who are changing to a new school district, and although they may have signed contracts, can that teacher close on a home before school starts? In today’s... Read More

What repairs can be financed with a USDA loan? USDA guidelines were recently updated and now allow a wider range of possible repairs and in today’s video, I will explain both how it can be possible to finance home repairs... Read More

Does a USDA Loan have PMI?

September 20, 2019

Is PMI required on a USDA loan? Today’s video will answer the question if USDA loans have PMI and keep you in the know about terminology and key differences between USDA, FHA, and Conventional loans. If you have not yet... Read More

Are USDA loans only eligible for First Time Homebuyers? USDA Home Loans are sought after by First Time Home Buyers, but can previous homeowners also qualify for a USDA loan? While many may think that USDA loans are only eligible... Read More

What are the differences between a USDA and FHA loan? Do you know the difference between a USDA and FHA loan? While they both have similar characteristics, there are important aspects of each program which can impact a buyer’s... Read More

How high are the 2019 USDA income limits? While many know that it is possible to make too much money for a USDA loan, what they don’t realize is just how high USDA income limits actually are! USDA recently announced an... Read More

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