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What are three important differences between USDA and VA loans?

While USDA and VA loans are both fantastic no down payment financing options, they also have their own unique features and eligibility requirements. In today’s short video, I will break down and review three important... Read More

When is verification of rent required for USDA eligibility?

Do USDA loans require verification of rent? Do you have to prove previous rental history in order to be USDA eligible? Today’s topic is important because USDA guidelines do not always require verification of rent. In this... Read More

USDA Mortgage Calculator: Here’s how to CORRECTLY calculate a USDA monthly payment

So, how do you CORRECTLY calculate a USDA payment?  Unfortunately, many USDA mortgage calculators have not been designed to handle USDA specifics and thus end up providing inaccurate numbers. As such, today’s video... Read More

Private Roads: How do you qualify for a mortgage with a house on a private road?

Once you have found the perfect home, what should you do if the property is located on a private road? How can a private road affect your mortgage approval? Thus, today’s video will discuss what to do when the property... Read More

USDA Property Eligibility: What property types are eligible for a USDA loan?

When you hear about USDA loan benefits, such as 100% financing or the ability to finance closing costs, it can be easy to focus on the financial advantages and then forget about USDA property eligibility. USDA loans allow... Read More

USDA No Down Payment Loans – How do you become USDA eligible?

The USDA loan program is sought after by homebuyers due to their 100% financing, affordable terms, and flexible credit qualifying. That is why it is so important to understand the basics on how to become USDA eligible. In... Read More

UPDATED GUIDELINES: USDA Credit Score Requirements

USDA credit score guidelines formerly listed specific minimum credit score requirements, and a credit score cutoff for loans that should not be approved… but USDA credit score guidelines have recently been updated. In... Read More

How can a USDA Debt Ratio Waiver increase your maximum sales price?

What happens if your qualifying budget needs a little boost in order to qualify for a home that seems to be just out of reach?  What if you were just denied for a loan because your USDA debt-to-income ratios were too high? In... Read More

Is your lender’s USDA approval time affected by USDA’s fiscal year-end?

Don’t let a lender hold up your closing because they say the “USDA is out of money”! USDA’s fiscal year runs from October 1st until September 30th and at the beginning of each fiscal year, the USDA Single... Read More

3 USDA Financing Facts Every Seller Should Know

Sellers can sometimes be hesitant to accept USDA financing for their property, but this is often due to common misconceptions about the USDA program. With that being said, today’s video focuses on 3 important USDA Financing... Read More

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