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What are USDA and FHA septic and well distance requirements? HUD Handbook 4000.1 determines the septic and well distance requirements for both USDA and FHA loans.  This is a critical measurement which can determine the success... Read More

How much USDA land can be purchased with a USDA home loan?

USDA loans are sought after by homebuyers since they allow for no down payment and offer financing flexibility. Additionally, USDA guidelines have recently improved in regards to how much acreage can be purchased with... Read More

Getting a USDA loan after Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is faster than you think!

Did you know that getting a USDA loan after Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be done in as little as one day after discharge? Yes, USDA Loan Chapter 13 Guidelines offer extreme qualifying flexibility and in today’s video, I am... Read More

How soon can you qualify for a USDA loan after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Per the administrative office of the U.S. Courts, there were 659,881 non-business bankruptcies filed for the 12 month period ending June 2020. With that being said, many of those cases may not have been due to financial mismanagement,... Read More

Improved USDA Guidelines on Student Loans!

As we all know, student loan debt can have a major impact on mortgage qualifying! In today’s topic, I’ll explain how improved USDA guidelines on student loans have led to qualifying improvements. Understanding the... Read More

USDA vs FHA: Which can you apply for more quickly after bankruptcy?

Last week, we reviewed how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy affects qualifying for a USDA loan. The next question that often comes after this information is, “How does this compare to an FHA loan?” That’s why today,... Read More

How soon can you qualify for a USDA loan after foreclosure?

A waiting period determines how quickly you can qualify for a mortgage after foreclosure. However, that period depends on the mortgage type you are applying for. Today, we will focus on how quickly you can qualify for a USDA... Read More

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