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3 USDA Financing Facts Every Seller Should Know

Sellers can sometimes be hesitant to accept USDA financing for their property, but this is often due to common misconceptions about the USDA program. With that being said, today’s video focuses on 3 important USDA Financing... Read More

How much can a seller pay towards VA loan closing costs?

Unlike USDA loans which allow up to 6% of the sales price towards seller paid closing costs, VA loans can provide for even higher flexibility and have unique guidelines. However, this topic also brings quite a bit of confusion,... Read More

Five Things “To Do” for a Successful USDA Application

Qualifying for a mortgage, looking at properties, and preparing an offer are all steps that require professional guidance. However, with all of the information available, it can be hard to know what is right and wrong during... Read More

How can child support income help you qualify for a USDA loan?

In today’s video, I will explain how child support income can be used to qualify for a USDA loan and also discuss the most recent updates for the required documentation. Now, before we get started, don’t forget to take... Read More

What USDA closing costs can be included with your loan?

A common question that I receive is whether you can “roll-in” your closing costs with a USDA loan because many have heard through second hand sources that closing costs are automatically included with your USDA... Read More

Does a USDA loan require Private Mortgage Insurance?

There are key terminology differences between USDA, FHA, and Conventional mortgages. This includes the topic of Private Mortgage Insurance. In today’s video, I will break down the differences in terminology, compare... Read More

USDA Mortgage Approval: What NOT “To Do” when trying to qualify for a USDA loan!

Last week we discussed five important things to do during the mortgage application process. Instead, today, we will review what NOT “To Do” while trying to gain USDA mortgage approval. The following video will... Read More

Who pays for a termite inspection on a VA loan in Florida, Alabama, or Texas?

Unlike USDA loans, a termite inspection for a VA loan is generally required by the guidelines. In today’s video, I will discuss the payment options for termite inspections and also explain what exceptions exist. Plus, download... Read More

What are USDA Flood Zone Requirements?

In today’s video, I will share with you the details regarding USDA flood zone requirements and how to navigate the qualifying process. However, before we get started, don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE download,... Read More

Three ways to improve USDA Debt to Income Ratios!

What are three ways to improve USDA Debt to Income Ratios and also increase your sales price? Unfortunately, many of today’s lenders do not fully understand the USDA program or how to maximize its benefits, which can... Read More

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