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What are the appraisal requirements for USDA loans after Hurricane Irma?

September 15th, 2017 by Sean Stephens

First off, I hope that everyone was able to survive the storm safely and also that power, water, and internet can be restored as quickly as possible to those that are in need.

In the wake of the Hurricane Irma’s path of destruction, I wanted to follow up from last week’s post to now discuss the appraisal re-inspection requirements for USDA loans post Hurricane Irma.

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Please note that because FEMA issued a major disaster declaration effective 9/10/17, so if the effective date of the appraisal was on or before that date, then an appraisal update re-inspection will be required.

Initially the list of official counties requiring these appraisal re-inspections was only a fraction, but because of the widespread destruction, as the week went on additional counties were added and as of now we are required to obtain re-inspection reports for both FEMA declared and undeclared areas affected by IRMA.

As mentioned in last week’s post, we began to schedule in advance appraisal re-inspections so that we would be prepared as much as possible once we were able to confirm what counties would require an appraisal update for USDA loans post Hurricane Irma.

Thankfully, because of that we have already been able to make great progress with USDA property appraisal re-inspection orders both being scheduled with appraisers and even completed in this short time.

As a quick review, here is what is required from the appraiser when he goes back out to the property to complete the appraisal re-inspection update in order to confirm if the disaster has affected the property.:

  1. USDA requirements state that the appraiser may utilize Fannie Mae Form 1004D 
  2. However, depending on the loan program, lenders may dictate different forms
  3. Interior and exterior photos required
  4. Once the report is completed, we review to determine if anything negative has affected the property.
  5. Provided we can proceed, we can then move forward with the loan process as normal and prepare for closing.

As a USDA Approved Lender, we are coordinating all of these steps from right within our office so if you do have questions, please call us to discuss: 800-806-9836 x. 280

Our office was able to maintain power and worked with a reduced staff this week, but will be resuming full operations on Monday and our usual Saturday hours from 11:00-3:00.

Also, for those that do not have email ability or internet just yet, know that we are available by phone to assist with any questions or scenarios.

After multiple discussions this week regarding potential property related issues, remember that we do have the ability to finance home repairs on a USDA loan in limited circumstances, so please reach out with any scenarios to see if we can assist.

I sincerely hope that we can all get back to normal just as quickly as possible over the upcoming weeks.

Sean Stephens
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