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How high are current USDA Loan Income Limits?

While many know that it is possible to make too much money for a USDA loan, what they don’t realize is just how high USDA loan income limits actually are. USDA just announced an increase to their household income loan limits... Read More

How does a legal separation affect USDA qualifying?

Qualifying for a USDA Loan after a Legal Separation. The separation process can require many decisions, such as whether to buy or rent. While this may involve stress, it is important to not overlook mortgage qualifying details... Read More

What are USDA credit requirements for those with little or no credit history?

It is possible to qualify for a USDA loan with little or no credit history? When a homebuyer does not have an established credit history, USDA qualifications allow the ability to utilize non-traditional credit accounts. In... Read More

What are USDA and FHA septic and well distance requirements? HUD Handbook 4000.1 determines the septic and well distance requirements for both USDA and FHA loans.  This is a critical measurement which can determine the success... Read More

How can the 2020 IRS Tax Filing Extension Date affect your USDA qualifying?

How does the May 17, 2021 federal tax filing extension date impact USDA home loan qualifying, closing dates, and the required documentation? As we all know, USDA Rural Home Loan eligibility requires USDA loan income verification... Read More

Florida Intangible Tax and Transfer Tax – How do you calculate these closing costs?

When purchasing a home, you never want to be surprised with out-of-pocket expenses.  Remember, even when purchasing with a USDA No Down Payment Loan, you still have to be prepared for other costs to complete the transaction... Read More

How much USDA land can be purchased with a USDA home loan?

USDA loans are sought after by homebuyers since they allow for no down payment and offer financing flexibility. Additionally, USDA guidelines have recently improved in regards to how much acreage can be purchased with... Read More

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