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USDA Loan Benefits

The USDA mortgage loan is one of the most beneficial programs for those looking to purchase a home outside of a densely populated area. This program was designed to help rural and suburban Americans achieve their goal of becoming a homeowner. The USDA loan program provides an opportunity for those who may not qualify for traditional financing, to become homeowners. The benefits and advantages of a USDA loan include:

Are USDA or FHA loans better?

What are the differences between a USDA and FHA loan? Do you know the difference between a USDA and FHA loan? While they both have similar characteristics, there are important aspects of each program which can impact a buyer’s... Read More

100% Financing – Is USDA or VA better?

What are the differences between USDA and VA 100% financing loans? While USDA and VA home  loans can be fantastic financing options that provide high mortgage qualifying flexibility, they also have unique features and eligibility... Read More

Can a USDA Loan Help Me Buy a Home?  The USDA Rural Housing Program is sought after by consumers, but due to the complex guidelines,  education is critical to unlocking the potential behind this unique program. Today’s... Read More

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